Virtual Community Support Groups 


Helping Dads, Inc. is proudly serving dads through our virtual community support groups called "Embrace". Our trained certified coaches deliver help, hope, resources, tools, and strategies that is relevant to dads like you. 
We Provide Ongoing Support For:
  • Single Dads
  • Divorced Dads
  • Step Dads
  • Long Distant Dads
The Embrace Program exists to help dads preserve healthy relationship with their child(ren). We understand that when you are being alienated from your child(ren), you need immediate help overcoming the struggles of "Parental Alienation". You may be feeling afraid, hurt, frustrated, angry, or unsure of what to do. No matter what you are feeling, our certified coaches are trained to meet you in your time of need, listen with compassion, provide objective wise coaching and help navigate the best plan of action to start the healing process. You are not alone; we are here to help.

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Receive ongoing support beyond the free 45-minute phone consultation

  • Meet with a Certified Coach helping you to develop a strategy to win custody / equal parenting time. 

  • Get access to daily training, resources, strategies, and one-on-one coaching.

  • Learn to use practical tools for staying connected with children and dealing with your child(ren)'s mother

  • Get 20% discount on our services guaranteeing you a favorable outcome in court or mediation   

  • Get recommendations of Family Law Attorneys specializing in Fathers Rights.  

  • Experience inner healing & total freedom from hurt emotions as you discover your life's purpose 

Yearly Membership $59

1-on-1 Coaching

Crisis coaching For Dads beyond the free 45-minute phone consultation

We understand that Dads must take into consideration that many attorneys, judges, and psychologists have gender biases in favor of mothers and against fathers.

HelpingDads understands the needs of Fathers overcoming the struggles of parental alienation. Our Certified Coaches are trained to work one-on-one with dads in a private, stress-free and confidential environment online. You will be equipped overcome parental alienation, gender biases, and conflicts with staying connected with your child(ren).

Up to 50 Minutes of Private Phone Coaching

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