Helping Dads, Inc. origin traces back to 2016 when a divorced dad and loving father finally won custody and equal parenting time of his 3-year-old son after suffering lost resulting from parental alienation. Out of his pain and lack of available help for dads, he had the idea to create Helping Dads, Inc. in order to provide a stress-free zone for dads needing immediate help when they are being alienated from their child(ren).
Helping Dads, Inc. does not promote hate against women or mothers. However, we do promote equality in parenting children in which dads equally participated in creating. We fight hard & win against women who use innocent children as weapons to hurt their child(ren)'s father. Children are supposed to be loved; not used as weapons. Parental alienation is child abuse.
Helping Dads, Inc. believes that a father’s strategy and action plan must take into consideration that many attorneys, judges, and psychologists have gender biases in favor of mothers and against fathers. That's why we promote a strategy using Christian Faith mixed with a flawless action plan to obtain indisputable (not circumstantial) evidence to win custody or equal parenting time of innocent children being used as a weapon to hurt loving fathers.
That's why we offer dads a guarantee that promises an 100% refund if our strategy does not get them a favorable outcome in court or mediation. We’re not doing this to make money. We're doing this to make a difference.